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Healing Gemstone Jewelry 


  by Nirado


Unakite Earrings


These fun earrings are made from unakite coins and Sterling Silver. 

Unakite can be used to enhance visions on the ethereal plane. It brings ones consciousness to the present, allowing those "easy" times of unconscious action to dissipate. It further acts to balance the emotional body, bringing it into alignment with the higher forces of spirituality.


It can facilitate the re-birthing process and can help one to deal with both the information and the events of the past which have instilled blockages within the meridians and energy centers of the body. It provides for a gentle release of those conditions which have been inhibiting ones growth.


Unakite can be used to help one to go beneath the physical symptoms of dis-ease and to allow for the determination of the root cause underlying the condition; the cause becoming apparent in the cases of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes of existence.


Unakite can be used to enhance weight gain such that the weight is added in the areas chosen; ie, manifestation of where those added pounds should be "stationed" It can be used in the treatment of the reproductive system, and to stimulate healthy pregnancies while facilitating the health of the unborn.


Love is in the Earth by Melody

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